I just released a raw home recording I made for friends and family back in 2002 called The Antiparticle Man.  It's available on itunes, spotify and about anywhere else.  Give it a listen on my music page or download the album on my merch page.  Thank ya!


Hello folks!  Well, I tried Facebook live for the first time at my show at Outskirtz a couple of weeks ago and I plan to do that at most shows for now on.  So for those of you not in my vicinity or not in the mood to get out of your sweatpant, keep an eye out!  My next one will be this Saturday, Nov. 26th from 9pm-12am central time.  I also finished editing my next video just yesterday.  "The Birds Are Singing Your Song" video features Aloha Wind and the lovely choreography they did especially for this song.  I'm truly touched but this people.  Look for that in the next week or two. I have also decided to do an official release of a CD that I put together back in 2002 called "The Antiparticle Man".  Look for that sometime in December.  And lastly, stay tuned for my the launch of the Dan Trilk Music Newsletter sometime soon.  Phew!  Gigs are light so I now have time to think about some of this stuff.  I hope you all have a fantastical Thanksgiving.  I'm certainly grateful for ya!  


No gigs in October.  What!?  That's okay, I've been busy.  On the first weekend I was in Chicago for the CdBaby DIY Music Conference.  3 full days of inspiring presentations, cool people and intense nonstop, learning.  Oh, and Buddy Guy's Legends was right around the corner!  Really good Jambalaya, Gumbo, Beer and live traditional blues made lunch something special for two days in a row.  My amazing daughter Quinn turned 11 the next weekend.  She got a pink electric guitar from Ellen and me and a pink ukulele from her grandparents.  Score!  The next day I went on a Scout camping trip with my 9 year old boy, Charlie.  We had a healthy mix of sticking with the program and going off the beaten path.  Whittling was a focus.  This past weekend my family was in Dubuque to help prepare my in-laws house for sale and to start divvying up all the accumulated treasures in it.  It will be a process and Ellen stayed behind to keep working.  This weekend I am looking forward to seeing Dan Tedesco and Luke Fox at Vaudeville Mews on Saturday.  It's good to get a local dose of inspiration and these guys will deliver.  Next weekend I am scheduled to shoot a video for my song "The Birds Are Singing Your Song" weather permitting.  Fingers crossed.  I also have a show as Dynamite Dan with Debbie Doo Wop at The Salisbury House and Quinn is performing with the Iowa Youth Chorus. So, now you know I haven't been sitting on my butt!  Oh, and yes I decided to fire my publicist if you were taken aback by the first person writing.  It's just better if it comes from me, right?  ;-) 


Iowa Weather was reviewed by Jamie Robash at No More Division.  Read the review


The Iowa Weather vinyl order arrived earlier than expected and was shipped to Dan's Kickstarter supporters on Friday!  Order now!


Dan is excited to announce that he will be performing on the Acoustic Stage at The Des Moines Arts Festival on June 24th.  He will be sharing the stage with many fantastic local and regional acts such as The Well Pennies, Matt Woods, The Host Country, The High Crest, Luke Fox and Rob Lumbard.


The video for Dandelion is currently under construction and will be available soon.


Dan had a video shoot for his song Dandelion today at his friend Ilima Young's place who happens to have a beautiful piece of land and bees!  The video was shot by Aaron Martinez of Fat Ham Productions.  Look for it here in the next couple of days.


The CD release party was a huge success and a lot of fun!!  The forecast for the next year or so is Iowa Weather everywhere!


Dan was on one of his favorite podcasts on April 15th. Listen to his interview with David Ralph on Join Up Dots here!


The Instrumental version of Iowa Weather is now available on itunes.  Download only.  Listen or download here.


The CD release party for Dan's 1st solo record "Iowa Weather" is Sunday, April 24th at Lefty's in Des Moines.