Dan Trilk carries on the hallowed tradition of great musical storytellers, such as Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen. The material from his debut album Iowa Weather charts Trilk’s journey as a young, single man exploring the world to find that his destiny carries him home to the Midwest as a husband, father and teacher.  In this way Iowa Weather is akin to flipping through a “sonic photo album.”  

Currently Trilk is enjoying releasing a series of home recordings - one a month in 2019.  These releases include brand new songs and some old treasures that had never quite found a home.  

From the funky and hilarious “Gas Station Hot Dog” to the touching and intimate “Not A Bird” he is showing some new sides of his personality and writing that were only hinted at in Iowa Weather.   Trilk brings his talent as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and his ease in almost any genre, to these new inspired releases. Through the songs you experience a rich gravy of rootsy musical styles all evenly poured over the meat and potatoes of Trilk’s unique lyrics and tasty songwriting.

Although his songs detail his personal journey, the power of Trilk’s music lies in its ability to reach the listener through their own experiences. His live shows are routinely peppered with requests for a fan’s favorite because they have built their own memories into the lyrical content as all great songs invite you to do. 

For Midwest audiences Trilk’s music will make them feel like they’re having a beer with an old friend, taking stock of where they’ve been, and celebrating the good life with the one’s they love.  

About Dan Trilk:

Dan Trilk picked up music early in his hometown of Norwalk Iowa and began playing guitar at the age of nine. His musical career has encompassed a wide breadth of genres including “The Golden Gods”, a rock & roll power trio that was based out of  the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-2000’s. Their album “The Thorny Crown of Rock & Roll” gained notoriety and prompted an extensive West Coast tour and opening dates for the likes of Sammy Hagar and Fu Man Chu. Their music has been featured on MTV’s “Homewrecker” & “Fast Inc.”, Tony Hawk’s video game “Downhill Jam”, a Vans commercial, the movie “The Waitress” and most recently Showtime’s “Shameless”.

Back in Iowa Dan founded the jazz inspired funk bands Electric Shag and The Sexual Undertones who were featured at the Crossroads Entertainment Conference held in Des Moines. 

Dan is also part of a musical duo, Debbie Doo Wop & Dynamite Dan who have been featured at such prominent festivals as the Des Moines Arts Festival and have two completely original children’s albums, performing regularly throughout the Midwest. 

As a solo artist Dan performs both original material and unique covers in nightclubs, private parties, house concerts, restaurants, country clubs, weddings, corporate events, coffee houses and dive bars in the Midwest.  He is currently releasing a song a month.